Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So me and my buddies decided instead of just wearing the usual slutty secretary, or slutty mailman outfit for Halloween, we would just go on the Boston Harley Davidson Halloween Ride aka the Halloween ride. Anyways we made the trek up to the north shore of Massachusetts to join in the spooktacular event. Expecting to see all the chrome and tassels I could handle for a lifetime I was greeted by 8,000 weekend warriors, who, surprisingly seemed as disappointed as I was that the OCC guys weren't their to unveil their latest zombies cycle......Ok, Ok, I'm getting off track. This ride was one of the best I had ever been on..people were cool, the crowd was great, burnouts were plenty, and there was even a 85 year old woman  with a logo on her butt that actually said "soil me"....I kid you not...... While we were waiting for the bikes to role in after we parked, the most ruthless twosome rolled past.... 1 of which was quite possibly the sickest Panhead I had ever seen, followed by a stretched out chopper with a paint job that looked like the guy died after he spent his whole life working on it (thanks for the 90 years, paint looks great)...These bikes were so great and it wasn't because of the factory shit wagons we had been staring at all day....These bikes would have stood up at Willie's.......Anyways what I noticed was the one guy who seemed to be the leader looked like he would kick the shit out of me just for looking at his boots....This guy had the most official mustache, that somewhere Burt Reynolds was saying, "Fuck you man, Fuck you"....With his swagger and the fact that my buddy Street Bob Andy decided to change his pants right in front of him in the crowded parking lot made me question my approach a little. After mentioning, "I liked his bikes" he gave me his card which read....."Get Fucked"...Just kidding, it said, "American Motorcycle Service, Scottie Porges, owner".......I hung on to it and a couple months later I went out to this guys shop......Let me tell you this guy not only knows how to build bikes but he actually knows how to make them look good too....He even bought me lunch.......I was hooked..I consider the guy a friend of mine now and would recommend anyone to check him out who wants to get some class...Fuck just go stand next to the guy at a bike show and you'll look cooler than you already are.... But seriously don't fuck with the 'stache.......

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